Theta Xi Chapter

University of California- Santa Cruz

Recruitment Policies and Practices

Are letters of reference required for membership in Kappa Alpha Theta?
No, a letter of reference is not required in order to receive an invitation to membership in Kappa Alpha Theta.

Who is eligible to write a letter of reference and how do I submit a letter of reference?
You may write a letter of reference if you are...

  • An alumna member of the Fraternity in good standing
  • An initiated college member of the Fraternity in good standing who is a member of another chapter
  • An inactive college member of another chapter
  • An affiliated college member submitting a letter of reference to her original chapter
  • An unaffiliated college member submitting a letter of reference to a chapter other than her original

You can fill out the online letter of reference form on the Kappa Alpha Theta website. The online form, upon submittal, will automatically be sent to the chief recruiting officer (CRO) of the school where the PNM is attending.

What is a legacy?
A Theta legacy is defined as a daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter, or sister of a Kappa Alpha Theta. Stepdaughters, step granddaughters, step great-granddaughters, and stepsisters are considered legacies if their family considers them as such and if the family asks that they be considered as such on the legacy introduction form. These women all deserve special consideration.

There is no such thing as an indirect legacy (i.e., cousin, niece, etc.), and such persons are not given special consideration. However, we recognize that they may have special knowledge of and interest in Kappa Alpha Theta and are warmly welcomed and recruited.