Theta Xi Chapter

University of California- Santa Cruz

New Member Orientation


Kappa Alpha Theta chapters initiate their new members between 4-6 weeks after Bid Day. This program covers the following topics:

  • Zero-tolerance hazing policy and risk management
  • Theta history
  • Scholarship
  • Leadership
  • Personal excellence
  • Ritual appreciation

In addition to these topics, Theta new members also complete Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP). Kappa Alpha Theta was the first women's fraternity to endorse and require that all members complete online alcohol education. ASTP is unlike most alcohol education programs because it acknowledges that college students may choose to drink. Rather than only trying to impose abstinence, it recognizes that any steps taken towards risk reduction are steps in the right direction. Through ASTP, Kappa Alpha Theta joins other interfraternal organizations in offering a program that focuses on risk management and educating our members through conversation and educational programming. For more information, please visit the Kappa Alpha Theta website.

From the moment a new member is offered a bid to our chapter, they become a part of our family. By offering them this bid, we promise to be loyal and loving sisters to them from that day on, for the rest of our lives. UCSC Thetas take this commitment very seriously and strive to cultivate an environment of love, support, and safety for our new members. This means a very serious commitment to our zero tolerance policy towards hazing. During their new member period, our new sisters learn about Theta's core values, the history of their new sisterhood and the commitments and expectations involved in being an initiated member of Kappa Alpha Theta. Within 48 hours of receiving their bid, new members go through pledge service and the initial module training, which covers the basic expectations of membership. Each week, new members will be taught a new module about a different subject regarding Theta by our New Member Director, Chief Education Officer, and any relevant guests. They will get to know their fellow new members and grow close with current sisters, developing deep bonds of sisterhood through activities like weekly Kite Sister dates. The week leading up to initiation is called Inspiration Week and is filled with fun activities, including big little reveal! At reveal, new members will meet their big sister who will serve as a guide, role model, and true friend during their time at UCSC and for the rest of their life. The new member period is a time of growth, learning, and exploring meant to help new members feel at home in their new family. This period is one of the most exciting times for a Theta, as you open yourself up to all the possibilities that being a sister holds!